Psychological Harassment in Recovery Industry

Below shows the plan that is put to use in an organised harassment, which not only aims at harassing an individual, it aims at causing a victim to look as if they are unstable, and fit the slander of a well intended and crafted endeavor to seriously hurt a person.

The example below is taken from the writer’s experience, an experience that was afforded him by being pushed into the recovery industry, without being a long time drug user in any way, for the sole purpose, so it seems, for harassment and discrediting purposes.  

The plan was used in various facilities in Colorado and California. The identical practices were used on the victim in South Coast Recovery, California, Colorado West Recover, Grand Junction. Such harassment has also taken place at AA meetings in Dana Point Harbor, California.

Some outside entity aims to discredit the victim, first by slander, which is founded on distortions of reality, exaggerations, and most of all, total fabrications. What the plan does below, is allow a daily harassment to undermine the targets psychology, and bring him to a senitivity concerning signifiers that relate to the slander story, so that in a structured group, where people, fellow clients, are used to hieghten the targets anxiety and promote high levels of self conscious feelings.

The result is that when directed topics or words are used, that relate to the things the victim has been conditioned to, and be sensitivity of, he/she will appear unstable, uncomfortable, or self conscious. This aids in establishing a false reality that supports the slander.       

BASE LEVEL :Fellow clients and low level staff(house managers) do things to cause the victim’s self esteem to be lowered(multitude of disespects, snide remarks, unfair treatments, ignoring put downs). The victim feels isolated, similar to a lonely picked on member of a grade school class.   

Also, they condition the victim to be at a high anxiety level the night before some planned directed group discussion (sleep disturbances, tampering with cigarettes, coffee taste alterations, chemical fumes when sleeping, scent harassments ).

Chemically induced anxirty, is done with fumes put around the victim when sleeping, or in tight areas like a small bathroom. All are done covertly hence the victim has little to report, and is helpless in the overall assult. If reported, no evidence is able to be used to support the claim, that is why it is covertly done.

All this happens while at the same time the victim has been being conditioned to be sensitive by certain signifiers that relate to the slander. The condition of the victim, after enduring such covert harassments as chemicals to promote numbness, and psychological discomfort, scent harassment with unnaturally strong artificial odor, is one where the victim is depleted of all strenght, emotionally, psychologically, and physcially. This lays the foundations for the victim to appear unstable during the structured groups.
COUNCELOR LEVEL: Councelors know nothing of the lower level harassments, they are ony influenced by people posing as professionals in Law/investigation.
They are told to stage certain topics during designated groups, on designated days that coincide with the the BASE LEVEL harassment activity that is designed to lower the victims self esteem and put an anxiety level on

This is done, with the aim at causing the victim to look as if they have done some heinous crime, or that they are a very unstable person.

In no way is the author of this text trying to discredit or harm the institutions mentioned above. Such did take place in these institution, and the entity endeavoring to do such uses maipulation, and perhaps other tactics in their efforts to get people not directly associated with them to act in ways that assist in achieving their goals.  

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